Blog (January 2017) – This latest posting discusses the differences between cognitive computing and artificial intelligence.

Size Estimation Approaches for Use with Agile Methods (December 2016) – This white paper summarizes and then looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the five primary approaches used to size agile jobs. These methods include: sizing by analogy, function points, Halstead vocabulary, proxies, and user stories/story point counts. The paper concludes with a summary and a forecast for the future.

Offices – Besides opening a new office in La Quinta, California, we have moved to larger office spaces in Prescott, Arizona. However, our phone number and web address stay the same. Our new addresses are 79410 Azahar, La Quinta, CA 92253 and 1042 Willow Creek Rd., Suite A101-485, Prescott, AZ 86301.

On Cognitive Computing (September 2016) – This white paper summarizes the findings of a study that investigated the use of cognitive computing technology (artificial intelligence, big data, machine understanding and learning, predictive analytics, natural language, the “Internet of Everything,” etc.) to automate software development.  The paper looks at whether elements of the technology can be used to perform the intellectual tasks associated with the design, coding and testing of software now and in the future.