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Agile Quantitative Assessment – 12 Major Findings (2017)


Reifer Consultants assessed the performance of agile methods using “hard” data from 1,500 completed projects from 150 organizations. The paper presents the 12 most important findings which focus on both the productivity, cost, quality and time-to-market benefits that accrued and the issues that were encountered during transition and operationally.

Date: July 2017

Pages:  19

Agile Estimating: Straightforward and Simple (Update)


This updated guide provides readers with an estimating procedure for use in sizing, time-boxing and estimating software cost for efforts when pursued agile methods are being used at either the sprint or project level.

DATE: October 2016
PRICE: $25

Agile Metrics and Measurement


This white paper compiles a list of available metrics and measures that can be used on agile projects.  It also provides hints and guidelines on how they may be used to achieve the goals established for measurement.

DATE: October 2014


Agile Visibility and Control


This white paper discusses tools and techniques that can be used to gain visibility into and control over agile projects.

DATE: October 2014