Agile Software Quality: One Team, One Approach, Build Quality In (June 2018) – Using a third-party test group to inspect or test quality into your products is both inefficient and wasteful. A better approach is to engineer quality into your products as they are being developed. This two volume publication provides you with a framework, guidance and examples to facilitates your putting this approach into practice. We have also developed a two-day highly successful seminar to help you put the book’s concepts into practice. For more information on our seminars, follow our announcements. To order the book, go to Amazon.

Benchmark Report (June 2018) – The benchmarking report issued in June of this year expands our software productivity, cost and quality findings into subdomains in the following four applications domains: naval (defense), space (defense), telecommunications, and web business. In total, the report, which is sold as a subscription service, provides benchmarks for 36 application domains. Information about subscribing is available on our web site at

Agile Test Metrics (June 2017) – This technical note provides a shopping list of candidate agile test metrics. These metrics were defined using the “Goal-Question-Metric” paradigm to address the key questions our stakeholders have relative to test progress, completeness and thoroughness. The results associated with using these metrics at the sprint, project or enterprise-level level are discussed along with agile-at-scale project needs. This note is available on our web site at or is provided free to our benchmarking service subscribers.