Reifer conducts seminars to build skills, knowledge and abilities and to educate executives in selected topics. Seminars are available on the following topics:

Effective Software Reuse

Teaches the fundamentals of reuse with an emphasis on technology transfer and product line management.

Essential Software Economics

Teaches the rudiments of software economics/cost estimating with an emphasis on developing skills with public domain estimating models.

Large-Scale Software Project Management

Teaches how to plan and control large software-intensive projects where work is done by geographically-dispersed teams.

Managing Agile Development

Teaches how to manage emerging agile methods like extreme programming and exploit their advantages within the context of a traditional project management environment.

Modern Metrics and Measurement

Teaches how to develop metrics and measures to provide insight into issues that occur during system/software development and maintenance.

Software Estimation for Agile Projects

Teaches how to develop, defend and validate the reasonable of estimates prepared for agile software projects.